Building a Revolutionary Adult NFTs Marketplace

Community-driven, transparent, and fair-utility Token ($PULA) in a marketplace built for top established content creators from the Adult Industry. 

Address: 0xf07897c018b6dd66d37da2f342a2e30e2dc82ed7

Price: $0.02908 Chart: Slippage: 5%+

NFTs for the Adult industry

Now, top content creators are part of the Crypto NFT revolution. NFTs could become one of the biggest revenue streams in the industry for creators that deliver exclusive content.

Better than a traditional sale

With NFTs Smart Contracts the author and the Marketplace will receive a small fee each time the NFT changes hands for a price

What if the NFTs market falls

An adult oriented marketplace remains a vaiable business thanks to its audience based mostly on dedicated fans

What Are We Building

Project description

What is $PULA

$PULA (Private Uniquely Linked Asset) is a token to be used in the marketplace as payment

The marketplace

Only well-known and established adult content creators are allowed to be NFT creators in the marketplace 




750.000 PULA


Business Development

1.250.000 PULA



5.000.000 PULA (12 months)

60% LP Tokens BscScan

Total Supply

10.000.000 PULA


We're hiring !

Javascript Developers | Solidity Developers | PHP Developers
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